Through coaching, we can partner with you to realize your personal and ministry goals. Coaching is a creative and spirit-led partnership aimed to design and implement specific, meaningful changes desired in your ministry and personal life.

Be Coached

From time to time, leaders need a coach to come alongside them for encouragement or to gain clarity in their ministry. Some churches and their leaders receive scholarships and/or coaching pro bono. Relevant Ministry takes, first and foremost, a ministry approach and a “no one left out” philosophy because of fees. We are grateful for churches and individuals who partner with us in our ministry and make scholarships possible for those who could not otherwise participate.

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Being coached and focusing on the disciplines of a disciple has personally opened up the movement of the Holy Spirit, and put breath into how I live in relationship with God and others in the world.
— Jenn Klein, Pastor, Missouri

Invest in yourself and work with one of our coaches. Relevant Ministry coaches bring years of ministry experience and outstanding coaching skills into the coaching relationship. Our coaches are credentialed by the International Coach Federation and are licensed Natural Church Development coaches and consultants.


to schedule a complimentary, half-hour, introductory coaching session.

Professional Coach Training

In partnership with Coaching4Clergy, Relevant Ministry offers the following courses that are credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  

Learn discipleship coaching and create a disciple-making culture in your church!

In my two decades of ministry I have experienced various forms of discipleship training but none that compares to Relevant Discipleship. The well developed training provides a clear and concise pathway to discipleship. The one-to-one coaching not only strengthened the core aspects of discipleship in my life but helped me in implementing a flourishing discipleship process within my ministry.
— Dr. Abe Smith, Minister, Texas

Introduction to Discipleship Coaching is for leaders whose ministry goal for discipleship is multiplication of disciples with an outcome of ongoing personal transformation. You will examine your current situation of ‘what is’ and consider ‘what you desire’ for your ministry setting, you will discover how a coach approach might be the missing ingredient, and you will also walk away with next steps considering Relevant Discipleship – an intentional transformational process of making disciples. 

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A Transformational Coaching Model: Responding with Principles from Nehemiah will help you as a coach to ask the right questions, so the person you are coaching will gain an objective perspective as you use the tried and proven principles of this coaching model. Those that you coach will experience clarification for next steps and a more focused vision for the future, along with creative planning.

on the Coaching4Clergy website.


Certificate of Discipleship Coaching is a 24-hour, interactive course for pastors and church and ministry leaders aspiring to develop a transformational, multiplying discipleship culture within their ministry context. Leaders will develop a plan along with essential coaching skills to confidently become a Discipleship Overseer in their church. This course also qualifies leaders interested in being a Relevant Discipleship Coach to other churches.

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Professional Coach Training - Part 1 is a 40-hour, interactive course for those ready to become a certified Christian coach with a discipleship niche. Along with the 24-hour Certificate in Discipleship Coaching course, these 40 hours fulfill the 64 training hours required by the ICF to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Individual Mentor Coaching, required by the ICF (10 hours), is offered by Relevant Ministry. 

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Sliding scale for the following courses:

  • Certificate in Discipleship Coaching (24 hrs) $795

  • Professional Coach Training - Part 1 (40 hrs) $1695

Training fees are a revenue stream for growing the ministry and offering scholarships to churches, pastors and leaders here in the states and beyond our borders who otherwise could not participate. Relevant Ministry takes, first and foremost, a ministry approach and a “no one left out” philosophy because of fees.

Steps to determine your possible scholarship:

  1. Assess your situation (including savings, expenses, outside support, and fundraising ability - all USD). *Income disclosure is not required.

  2. Choose the tier that is a "stretch" but not a hardship.

  3. Contact us for the scholarship coupon code to register on the Coaching4Clergy website.