Every believer has been commissioned to be a disciple and to make disciples (Matthew 28:19). Relevant Discipleship answers the questions that often arise surrounding a discipleship process, ‘how do we do discipleship?,’ and ‘what do we say?’ As the techniques of coaching are applied to biblical disciplines, the results are living out the Great Commission.

Relevant Discipleship

Relevant Discipleship is an intentional, transformational, multiplying discipleship process immersing believers into biblical disciplines leading to a transformed life in Jesus Christ.

The one-to-one discipleship coaching has helped me to become more aware of two paths of discipleship... being a disciple myself, growing into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ; and, being a disciple maker.
— Commander Daneck Dan-awan, Military Chaplain, Philippines

What's unique about Relevant Discipleship is the one-to-one and small group process inspired by the chronological stages of Jesus’ Ministry.

Relevant Discipleship pioneered the use of discipleship coaching techniques that lead to transformation and multiplication.


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Equipping Leaders

Out of the one-to-one Relevant Discipleship process, a 3-phase training based on the Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys was developed to equip leaders to implement a discipleship culture in their church.

  • Jesus-Style Discipleship

  • The Church Jesus Intended

  • Leadership Development

My family and I have been serving God for almost ten years as a pastor. I want to share about the equipping, Jesus-Style Discipleship. First, many things started to change in my life; I became more devoted to the Word of God especially in obedience. Through using what God has shown me, our church is learning a different focus on following Christ.
— Ramon Hernan Castellanos, Pastor, Belize

Healthy and thriving churches make disciples and multiply! As God provides through faithful donors, RM is able to equip churches, pastors and leaders in the states and beyond our borders who otherwise could not participate.

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