Relevant Ministry is a biblically-based, interdenominational ministry that equips leaders and empowers individuals to minister relevantly in healthy and thriving churches.

Being located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst for RM’s ministry to churches. Nelson and Pam Roth moved to Gulfport, Mississippi in 2004 to pastor a church just before Katrina ravaged the area in 2005. Like everyone who experienced this storm, they rolled up their sleeves and got involved in the physical rebuilding. Three years later, they were exhausted; and, other leaders and churches were experiencing the same post-hurricane burnout. Then in 2008, Nelson and Pam Roth started Relevant Ministry around a healthy church initiative with the purpose of spiritual rebuilding and revitalization.

As they ministered to church leaders, a deficiency around discipleship continued to be a topic of significant concern for most churches. As a result, a discipleship process that is both relevant and field tested developed.

In the process of developing the Relevant Discipleship Pathway™ the goal was to answer two significant questions...“How could discipleship be an intentional, ongoing, transformational process?” And, “How could a discipleship process truly multiply, where disciples make disciples who make disciples?”  

The outcome is the Relevant Discipleship Pathway™ inspired by the chronological stages of Jesus’ ministry with the coaching approach empowering spiritual conversations with others.  Relevant Discipleship™ is an intentional discipleship process immersing believers into biblical disciplines leading to a transformed life in Jesus Christ.

From the beginning in 2008, and with over forty years of ministry experience, Relevant Ministry now trains and helps implement a tried and proven pathway process of discipleship with a coaching approach in churches along the Gulf Coast and around the world.


Nelson & Pam Roth

Co-founded Relevant Ministry in 2008. Nelson and Pam have a passion for discipleship and seeing the church thriving by being healthy and relevant. They are Professional Certified Coaches through the International Coach Federation and are also faculty for Coaching4Clergy. Email either Nelson or Pam to schedule training for your church or group around the Discipleship Pathway and/or Discipleship Coaching.


Jesse & Kaila McBride

Joined Relevant Ministry in 2015. Jesse has a passion for coming alongside youth pastors and pastors and is a Relevant Discipleship Coach. Kaila has a vital role with the RM administrative team supporting the ministry and staff through bookkeeping and graphic design. Email either Jesse or Kaila to schedule training for your church or group around the Discipleship Pathway and/or Discipleship Coaching.

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